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I am Sebastiaan J. C. Joosten. I am currently a lecturer at Dartmouth College. The last update of this website was September 2021.

Me in 2017, unshaven, messy hair, square glasses, blue shirt. Background is sunny, has a gray river, forest, part of a mountain, blue sky

You can download my publication list as a single bib file. Pdf files to all of my publications are available for all papers (if not, email me!). In some cases, copyright laws prevent me from putting the paper on my own website. If so, I put a corrected preprint to the article online instead (fixing minor errors caught after submission and sometimes even after publication). If any of the articles are unintelligible with a screen-reader, let me know and I will fix it.


Concurrent Program Verification
Programming languages like Java, that are recognised as striking a good balance between being easy to write and learn, and good for writing ... more
Rule Based Information Systems Design
We facilitate design of Information Systems by viewing the design process as one in which different stakeholders need to be addressed in ... more
Certification of Termination and Safety Proofs
A number of incorrect proofs are revealed annually in the software verification competitions. Program analysis is a complex task, ... more


The purpose of Ampersand is to help business architects deliver. Ampersand lets you demonstrate how your design complies to the rules by ... more
The purpose of Amperspiegel is to provide a meta-programming language suitable for programming Ampersand. Amperspiegel uses graph-based ... more
CeTA is a tool developed at the University of Innsbruck that certifies termination of programs and other proofs provided by some automated ... more